UTG TV: Young Rising Sons Discuss Their Hustle In The Music Biz

Breaking into the music industry can be a tricky and lengthy process for most bands. Young Rising Sons have been at it for more than five years and are starting to get the recognition they deserve. The New Jersey natives just inked a deal with Interscope Records, which isn’t surprising to fans of the band. The group has a unique style that manages to channel a cinematic vibe. It won’t be long before we hear the band’s tunes blasting in the background of major motion pictures.

UTG TV caught up with the swoon-worthy gentlemen in a hotel suite in Las Vegas, NV, an experience that the guys themselves couldn’t quite wrap their heads around. They discussed how quickly you can lose a stack of cash in Vegas, the “giant juxtaposition” that is their new record, and the hustle required to become a major-label band in 2014.

Check below the jump to see Young Rising Sons’ exclusive interview with our new Las Vegas correspondent, Gabbie Brown.

Produced by: Gabbie Brown (Follow @GabbieBrown)

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