Bring Me The Horizon Debut A New Sound With “Drown”

Bring Me The Horizon have spent the last few years evolving, and the results have been evident in every piece of music they released. Their latest is no exception, and in fact might be the biggest change in sound the band has delivered to date.

“Drown” arrived online early this morning following an accidental reveal by the band’s label. The song boasts a very straightforward rock sound, with absolutely no screaming to be found anywhere in its four-minute runtime. Instead, Sykes sings about holes in his soul and how the weight of the world is increasingly hard to hold up. There’s also a lot of references to water, which has become commonplace in the band’s music. You can stream the song and view its official video below:

Bring Me The Horizon will not start work on their new album until at least December, but if “Drown” is meant to show us where they are headed then it’s safe to say more changes are likely on the way. For now, comment below and let us know your thoughts on the band’s latest development.

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