The Simpsons’ Halloween Tribute To Stanley Kubrick Is Perfect

A number of people on our staff may be closer to 30 than 20 these days, but that has not prevented us from maintaining a strong dedication to The Simpsons. Their adventures have kept us entertained our entire lives in a very literal sense, and this week they won us over once again by paying tribute to the great Stanley Kubrick.

The Simpsons aired the 25th installment of their Treehouse of Horror series last Sunday, and per usual the episode featured a collection of short stories that parodied the world of killers, chillers, and thrillers. The middle segment, which found Moe, Homer, Lenny, and Carl appearing as characters from A Clockwork Orange, paid tribute to the entire career of Stanley Kubrick with a variety of gags that has kept us laughing well into the work week. The segment has since found its way online and can now be viewed below:

The Simpsons air every Sunday on Fox. Some people will tell you the show is no longer funny, but they are liars and you should probably reconsider having them as a friend.

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