Rick Ross And R. Kelly Drop “Keep Doin’ That (Rich Bitch)” Music Video

Rick Ross has been hitting the promotional circuit hard and heavy lately in order to get the word out about the November release of Hood Billionaire, and over the weekend he decided to share the official video for the album’s latest single.

“Keep Doin’ That (Rich Bitch)” is as close to a female anthem as the likes of Rick Ross and R. Kelly will ever create. It’s a bass-heavy, ego-fueled ode to the women who are skilled enough to keep a hustler like Ross or Kelly in line. I don’t know if the lyrics make it clear what that kind of woman looks like, but based on the video it’s a woman who spends her days dressed in fur and lingerie. I don’t know her interests, but the women in the video appear to enjoy hanging out by a pool, taking showers in champagne, and being sprinkled with rain while a man and his 15-20 friends standing around doing their best to look unimpressed. You can view the video below:

I was a fan of “Keep Doin’ That” when it first dropped, but the more I hear it the more it feels like the safest thing either of these artists could have delivered. It’s as if both Ross and Kelly are so afraid of stepping outside the 2-dimensional characters they have created for themselves that they would rather recycle the same trendy bullshit that has been dulling hip-hop for two years instead of trying something fresh. The video is fine, but again – what’s new?

There is still hope for Hood Billionaire, and we will bring you every promotional single that drops in advance of the album’s release as soon as they debut online. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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