Stream Repeater’s Newest Single, “Lonely”

Long Beach, California’s Repeater are set to release a brand new, self-titled, full-length record on November 18 via A Diamond Heart Production. Our first taste of the new effort comes in the form of the nearly-four-minute lead single, titled “Lonely.”

With a throbbing, almost hypnotic rhythm and dreamy elements a la The Radio Dept. or Stars, “Lonely” is equally catchy and melancholic in all the right ways. Steve Krolikowski and Tess Shapiro’s dual vocal melodies layer perfectly, complementing the airy nature of the track as it pulsates along in steady fashion. For some, it may make you want to move, while others will find themselves comfortably relaxed and at ease within its welcome and soothing structures and tones.

You can stream “Lonely” below and pre-order Repeater for just a few bucks on iTunes before it drops on November 18.

Regarding the new track, writer and singer Steve Krolikowski offers, “It’s a reflection on love, and the selfish feelings that prevent us from loving sometimes. The past creeps in and hangs a few clouds on the horizon, but they are phantoms, nothing more. Repeater’s last full-length release was heavy darkness with a pinhole of light. Now the shutters are wide open.”

Brian Leak
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