What You Didn’t Know: Jesse Voorn

Focusing on lesser known aspects of artists, resident staff writer Michael Giegerich’s column, What You Didn’t Know, looks to help people gain a better understanding of their favorite musicians from all levels of the music scene.

Signed to John Dahlbäck’s Mutants Records, it’s no surprise Jesse Voorn has the ability to crank out absolutely massive house tunes. His most recent effort, “Part of Me,” exemplifies this notion with a melodic progressive house climb before climaxing into an electro drop that commands listeners to be on their feet.

With this track currently dominating a certain staffer’s recent playlists, there seemed to be no better time than now to have Voorn lay out lesser known facts surrounding his past and present for current fans and those in the making to digest.

1. “I used to be the lead singer of a metal band. That went quite nice. We were recording our first demo and shooting a video, that already was admitted to a rock show on Dutch national television. But then we split up.”

2. “I am pretty good with a sewing machine. When I was younger, I sometimes made my own clothes. Even now, when my clothes need to be fixed, I can do it myself.”

3. “I made my first house tracks in 1994, trying to copy the early Prodigy and 2Unlimited.”

4. “I have had all sorts of hair. Long, tuft, short and in colors ranging from green to yellow and purple.”

5. “I was an Easy Tune DJ for a while, when I was studying. With my friend we formed a duo, complete with ’70s suits in [the] style we were DJing. We got our LPs from the second hand stores. Everything with “Orchestra” in the artist name or title was good.”

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Mike Giegerich
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