UTG PHOTOS: The 1975 (11/4/14)

Under The Gun’s Head of Photography, Corbin Alvae, attended The 1975 tour on November 4 at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI.

Seems like it’s been a hot minute since I posted any new photos. For the past couple months, I’ve been out on travel exploring the world, and holy hell was that amazing! But that’s a whole lengthy story for some other time. This is about a fabulous tour that came through The Mitten State a few days ago that I had the pleasure of attending and capturing photos of.

Let’s begin with how my day went: first off, it was raining and everyone knows how much I dislike the rain and any other weather conditions that just throws my mood down. Before the show, I caught up with a very talented group of guys named Young Rising Sons to do some pre-show portraits. Afterwards, I cruised around Detroit, back and forth from the venue, to do other portraits that day. That was fun.

Finally, the doors began to open and the line was absolutely insane! It wrapped around the building and I could see the excitement in all the fans’ faces; they were ready for a rock show.

Young Rising Sons took the stage right around 8pm. Phenomenal performance! Very groovy and super catchy tunes that anyone with a love for indie rock and pop could easily get into.

Unfortunately I had to miss CRUISR, but from what I was told from friends that were at the show, they put on an amazing performance.

Lastly, The 1975 was up. One thing I loved immediately was the ambient intro they had playing up until they took the stage. It gave a nice eerie tone until that hard hitting intro kicked in and all the members walked onto stage. I don’t even think I heard any of the music cause of how loud the fans were screaming.. As always, The 1975 put on a flawless performance from start to finish, with fans singing along left and right, dancing and just having a grand old time.

Overall, The 1975 and the rest of this tour is something not to miss when it comes to your town. Flawless throughout and definitely a way to get out of the house for the night and enjoy yourself with friends, family, whomever.


THE 1975

Corbin Alvae
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