Robert Plant Turns Down Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour

It seems Robert Plant, vocalist of the legendary Led Zeppelin, is against the idea of a Zeppelin reunion tour. According to NME, the singer reportedly turned down an offer of £500 million from Sir Richard Branson to embark on a 35-stop tour with the band.

Despite efforts by former bandmates Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham (son of the late John Bonham), Plant refuses to be a part of the tour, which of course cannot go on without him.

Undoubtedly, critics will call into question the integrity of Plant’s voice, or accuse him of wanting more money, but is it so wrong for the 66-year-old singer to simply say “no”? Since when is a legendary artist required to continue to tour? Why does that justify him being called greedy or selfish?

Perhaps it’s the constant call for reboots and sequels that makes us feel deserving of another Led Zeppelin tour. One thing is for certain, many of us will be enjoying some classic Zeppelin today.

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