Possible New Refused Album in the Works?

Within the last few years, even weeks, we’ve seen stirs of life from the genre-defining group Refused. The band got back together and played a few reunion shows and announced that that was it.

Then all of a sudden, about two weeks ago, it was made known via Facebook drama, that guitarist Jon Brännström had been fired from the band because, and I quote, “he did not share our passion for the band.” Cryptic, but somewhat revealing.

And yesterday, the bassist from …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Autry Fulbright II, posted on Instagram that he was with Refused vocalist Dennis Lyxzen. The caption below the photo (which has since been deleted), said, “In Austria tonight for the Ahoi Pop Festival weekend along with St. Vincent and this guy’s band INVSN which he’s doing between finishing vocals for the new refused album that’s coming out next year.”

Damn. Well, we can all be hopeful I guess. Stay tuned to UTG for any more updates, as we will be sure to cover them.

Corey From
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