YG Switches Things Up With “2015 Flow”

After being snubbed during the 2015 GRAMMY nominations, YG has surprised fans and critics by showcasing another side of his talent with “2015 Flow.”

It’s hard to find something to hate about YG’s 2014 debut album, My Krazy Life, but the more you listen the more it’s hard to ignore the fact the Bompton native only used one flow throughout the record. It’s something that could be called both an achievement and an act of laziness, but regardless of where you stand YG has a new flow, and I think you’re going to like it. You can stream his new, Los Angeles Leakers released single “2015 Flow” below:

We have no idea what YG has planned for 2015, but considering the fact he’s remained relatively quiet this fall outside of touring commitments I don’t think the idea of new music – perhaps even another album – is outside the realm of possibilities. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

Just for the hell of it, let’s revisit YG’s killer video for “Bickin Back Bein Bool.”

Photo credit: D. Skank Photography

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