Make Do And Mend Announce New Album, Release Title Track

Connecticut-bread and Massachusetts-based post-hardcore outfit, Make Do And Mend, are scheduled to release a new record, entitled Don’t Be Long. Prior to this, the band’s last effort was their Rise Records debut, Everything You Ever Loved, in 2012. Although the new record has reportedly been finished, the release date and its cover art is yet to be unveiled. Make sure to check back for more updates.

In a recent interview with Noisey, lead singer James Carroll mentions:

“This was a record that we made not because we had to, not because people were expecting a new record from us, but really just because the songs were there and we felt very strongly about them and we all wanted to make another record together so that’s what we did. So I think in the spirit of the record not really being made within the confines of the rat race of what’s come to be recognized as DIY and the scene of music we exist in, and making it in that spirit of trying to be separate from that, I think we decided to say, ‘Hey, listen, no bullshit, no little filler—we made a record, here it is, it’s coming out pretty soon, check it out.'”

You can now listen to the title track, “Don’t Be Long,” below (via Noisey).

Dana Reandelar
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