‘The Interview’ Has Made $15 Million On VOD in Four Days

It’s no great secret that Video On Demand (VOD) services do not generate the type of revenue for films that the same titles would receive if they were given a proper theatrical release, but The Interview may be proof things are beginning to change.

According to a new story from The Hollywood Reporter, The Interview has generated $15 million in revenue through its VOD release in just four days. This is an all-time record for a VOD title, outpacing the multi-million take of Snowpiercer by a wide margin. The movie has been rented or purchased over 2 million times, which also makes it the studio’s biggest online film of all time.

In regards to the film’s theatrical run, it’s estimated the flick grossed around $2.8 million from 331 independent cinemas over the four-day weekend.

Apple added The Interview to iTunes earlier today, December 28.

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