First ‘Everly’ Trailer Is The Only Video You Need This Week

Filmmaker Joe Lynch has had a rough go of things in the industry over the last few years. His last major project, Knights of Badassdom, was taken away from him and re-cut, only to later be shelved altogether. When it did make it to audiences, the cut that screened was not one approved by Lynch or anyone else who worked on the project. This was frustrating not only for the filmmaker, but for those who sought out the film specifically to see Lynch’s signature skewed vision of modern life.

We may never see the Knights Joe Lynch had in mind, but he’s now prepared a new film that looks to be a major slice of badass movie magic. Everly is an action flick starring Salma Hayek as a Yakuza prostitute who has been working as an informant to the cops. Her bosses catch on to her duplicitous ways, and before long they send an army of men to make sure the beautiful Everly never speaks again. What they’re not prepared for, however, is the arsenal of weaponry and top notch combat skills Everly seems to possess. Violence soon ensues. You can view the film’s first trailer below:

Everly is headed to VOD in January. It will receive a limited theatrical release in February as well, so if you can hold out a few weeks I highly suggest doing so. Action flicks like this are becoming increasingly rare, so if you want that trend to end you need to get out and support this film.

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