Usher Clings To Fleeting Youth By Joining Migos On “Still Got It”

Usher was the biggest male pop star in the world when I was leaving middle school with wide eyes and hopes high school wouldn’t be like it was depicted in every John Hughes movie. That was over a decade ago at this point, and the age of Usher topping charts with every single has long since disappeared. He still packs arenas, thanks in no small part to his vast catalog of hits, but in recent years his singles have largely fallen short of their predecessors’ glory.

This week, Usher tried once more to prove to young people he is still cool by collaborating with the ever headline worthy Migos for a new track titled “Still Got It.” From beginning to end the song does its best to make you think Usher is just as edgy and ready to lose control as ever before, but in reality it sounds like just another Migos track. If anything, it’s Migos who steal the show, with signature shouts and hilariously over-the-top lyricism. You can stream the track below.

“Still Got It” is set to appear on Digital Trapstars’ upcoming Screens on Lock: 4th Quarter Press mixtape. Meanwhile, Usher is expected to release his delayed eighth album, UR, sometime in 2015.

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