Allison Weiss Drops Off Upcoming Tour With Front Porch Step

In a new status update posted by Allison Weiss, she will no longer be going on her UK tour with Front Porch Step this month due to the allegations against him. The tour is set to kick off Jan. 22 in Southampton, UK.

As of right now the tour is not canceled and it does not appear as though fans will receive refunds for their tickets if they wish to not go. Things may change in the next couple of weeks though, so be sure to check in again. We are keeping a close eye on what’s going on and will continue to update as new information surfaces.

Due to the recent allegations made against Jake McElfresh of Front Porch Step, I have decided I will not be touring with him this month in the UK. Whether the shows will happen without him or not is yet to be determined. I promise to post any updates here on Facebook as more information becomes available.

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