Members Of Fireworks Start New Side Project, Empty Houses

Two members of the UTG-recommended pop rock outfit Fireworks have started a side project alongside vocalist Ali Shea. The band’s name is Empty Houses, and according to the trio, it will have a sound inspired by Motown. In a brief interview with Noisey they talk about their inspiration and reason for deciding to take the project’s sound in an entirely different direction from Fireworks. You can read a snippet of the conversation below, and the full interview here.

Empty Houses have already released their first EP, and it’s available for purchase through Bandcamp for only $1. The EP is available to listen to below.

Noisey: To be honest, when you sent me the songs to check out I was not expecting it to sound like this. I have plenty of friends in bands who work on new projects that end up sounding virtually identical to their previous efforts. What do you think sets this apart from your other musical endeavors, specifically Fireworks?

Mackinder: I think the main thing that separates Empty Houses from other projects I’ve been a part of, besides the way the songs actually sound, is the way in which songs are written. I feel writing for Fireworks for me has always been about creating ideas that promote an array of different sounds and lyrical content. With this project, there is a certain familiar sound or feel we aim to achieve, while trying to make it creative and cool but not contrived. All the songs thus far have been coming out very naturally.

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