Waxahatchee Announces New Album ‘Ivy Tripp,’ Streams Lead Single

Katie Crutchfield, known as Waxahatchee, has revealed her next album, titled Ivy Tripp. The followup to her fantastic sophomore release, Cerulean Salt, will be available on April 7. Listeners are given a taste of what is to come with the album’s lead single, “Air.”

Cerulean Salt was one of my favorite releases of 2013, and I am sure excited for what Ivy Tripp may bring. Experiencing “Air,” Crutchfield has added looming ambiance to her roster. The hauntingly beautiful track will sway all over the place, carrying you with it. The howling chorus will remind you of just how strong of a songwriter Crutchfield is. The way she so elegantly leaves a melody hanging in the air is something eerily loved by fans of her music.

Ivy Tripp is currently available for pre-order, and the first 500 purchases will grant several exclusives, including colored vinyl, a signed poster, and more.

Follow us after the jump to experience “Air.”

Drew Caruso
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