REVIEW: Future Of What – ‘Pro Dreams’

Artist: Future Of What
Album: Pro Dreams
Genre: Indie, Electronic
Label: Feat. Drake Records

On paper I really should have no business with Future Of What‘s debut LP, Pro Dreams, but it’s 2015 and I am trying to delve deeper into the vast world of sonic expression. Finding myself proven for my excursion into the unknown, Pro Dreams is a beautiful record cultivated with care and style.

From the first sounds of “The Rainbowed Air,” I was taken elsewhere. Ethereal sounds lay the clouds that the vocals drag you across. Slow, caring, with a hint of depression, Future Of What paint a picture that is beautifully sad.

Hitting on the themes of love, regret, desire, friendship, and everything and anything else a twenty-something in a big city would contemplate on, Pro Dreams is a soundtrack for a confused generation emitting emotions with each step.

The songwriting throughout is superb, and it’s certainly illuminated by a full, but still airy production. Produced by Brian Thorn (Blonde Redhead, Smith Westerns, David Bowie), Pro Dreams instills a lasting presence of sonic assertion. Synth notes will weave in and out of sparse vocal melodies, but ambient sounds and rhythm held behind it all keep the tracks on point, providing a full experience that is welcomed on an electronic album.

While depressing at times, sonically, the album takes a more hopeful turn around “Call it Spring.” The opening will surely pick any listener up, and give some much needed invigoration to the palate. “No War Dance Floor” was one of the earlier tracks released from the album, fitting perfectly in the middle of the track list.

The album continues with highlights in “Double Thoughts” and “Party In Heaven,” closing out with “Sleeping Bag Dreams.” Everything packed into Pro Dreams is really well done; the production is stellar, and the music and vocals soar in the most minimalistic ways. The only issue I take with the album at times is the dynamics, or lack there of. What Future Of What do, they do really well. And if Pro Dreams is any indication of what is to come, color me excited. With a little variation, and truly letting go into their creative output, Future Of What can grow into something great.

SCORE: 8/10
Review written by Drew Caruso

Drew Caruso
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