STREAM: Blacklisted – “Burnt Palms”

Philadelphia’s Blacklisted is one of the most important hardcore bands in recent memory. Some may read that statement as hyperbole, but the band continuously dares to reinvent themselves, putting out one emotionally-excruciating record after the next, all of which having their own unique qualities. Today, Blacklisted released another song off their new record, When People Grow, People Go, titled “Burnt Palms.” The song is more reminiscent of some of their older material, specifically Heavier than Heaven Lonelier Than God-era Blacklisted, while still adding a new spin to the sound. The song is searing, mean, and is the kind of song that claws at your brain, making you want to throw yourself into a fit of rage.

When People Grow, People Go comes out on Deathwish Inc. on February 10. It’s their first full-length in ten years, and you can bet your ass we are excited. You can pre-order it here.

Check out the song after the break and make sure nobody is within your vicinity because you’re probably going to be doing some combination of moshing and having an emotional breakdown. Y’know, your usual Blacklisted listening experience.

Tyler Osborne
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