Author Stream Debut Album ‘Of Brighter Days’

Author is streaming their debut LP, Of Brighter Days. The album is up for pre-order on iTunes.

Of Brighter Days is a vibrant and illuminating work that soars with bright guitars, carefully delivered vocals, and a thundering rhythm section. The band will certainly appeal to fans of Copeland, Circa Survive, and any listener who enjoys being taken away in a sea of calming musical expression.

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, the band is sure to leave a mark in listeners, especially considering Of Brighter Days is their debut record. The album flows together as a moving being, giving the illusion that the band is well into their time making music. With the beautiful Of Brighter Days, we can only imagine what the future has in store for Author.

Follow us after the jump to stream the album for yourself, and be sure to check back to UTG this weekend for our review of Of Brighter Days.

Drew Caruso
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