Modest Mouse Offer Scenic Video For Low-Key Single, “Coyotes”

On the eve of No Cities To Love‘s much-lauded release, Modest Mouse has taken another step toward ending an album dry spell less than two years shorter than Sleater-Kinney’s own. The second single off new full-length Strangers To Ourselves – as melancholy a song as you’d expect on an album with that title – has debuted.

Premiering on Interstate-8 earlier today, “Coyotes” is just a bit reminiscent of Isaac Brock’s Ugly Casanova work, only less weird and with more harmonies. Or perhaps that it sounds less like a We Were Dead b-side than “Lampshades on Fire” – I haven’t decided yet. It’s prettily, morosely affecting in a way that I’m not sure the band has hit since Moon & Antarctica.

That’s a lot of compare/contrast jargon that I’m not always a big fan of, but this single is one that, despite its gloom, stokes excitement in a way “Lampshades” never could. “Lampshades” did that merely by existing; “Coyotes” does so by being a song worthy of shaking the dust off for.

The video features a lonely coyote on a light rail train, something that actually happened in Portland and inspired this song. It also inspired a Sleater-Kinney song (per Pitchfork), which I did not know until after I led with S-K above. Life is fun like that.

Strangers To Ourselves is out March 3 via Epic. Pre-order today and you’ll get the “Lampshades on Fire”/”Coyotes” 7-inch. “Coyotes” will be available for digital purchase tomorrow. Watch the video over on Interstate-8 until its release tomorrow.

Tyler Hanan
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