Revision, Revised Unleash Music Video For “Clocksweeper”

Ohio metalcore outfit Revision, Revised are creating their own wavelengths. I say this because their music shreds progressions unbeknownst to man and have vocals that go from plain scary to seemingly influenced by Asking Alexandria. Moreover, these newcomers in the metalcore genre are letting the world know who they are.

The band have finished recording their debut EP, Dead Icons, with respected producer Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men) and it should not be overlooked. With this, the band has also released a new music video via BlankTV for the track “Clocksweeper,” and it rightfully coincides with the brutal nature of the song itself. The video is meant to be a psychological thriller throughout and frontman Charles Wilds had this statement to say about the video’s meaning:

The video is a psychological horror, mirroring the lyrics of the song. “Clocksweeper” portrays a man who has been deceived by his own mind — but believes someone else had deceived him and wants revenge; however, everything leads back to himself in the end.

Watch the thrilling “Clocksweeper” video below and definitely hold onto to your seats.

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