Action Bronson Drops “Big League Chew”

We’re less than two months away from Action Bronson dropping his debut album, and while we wait for Mr. Wonderful material to surface he’s keeping us busy with a new loose track you won’t soon forget.

“Big League Chew” made its debut online earlier this week through Action Bronson’s webseries, Fuck That’s Declicious, which runs regularly on the VICE site known as Munchies. The Alchemist-produced track pulls no punches, allowing Bronson ample room to vent his frustrations and inform fans about the one of a kind lifestyle he leads. It’s nothing groundbreaking per se, but it’s certainly worth a few minutes of your time. Check it out:

To be clear, “Big League Chew” will not be appearing on Mr. Wonderful. This is just a throwaway with a sick beat and several incredible lines. Consume, repeat, and move on.

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