Jack White Shares a Three-in-One Video for “That Black Bat Licorice”

Aside from all the annoying guacamole posts and media exaggerations that have been posted about him in the past two weeks, Jack White has come up with another, incredibly innovative manner of distributing his music to the consumers. Apparently, his ultra deluxe vinyl of Lazeretto wasn’t enough.

This time it comes in the form of a music video, or three-in-one music videos for arguably the best song on the record, “That Black Bat Licorice.”

The three different videos, which you can toggle back and forth between with the “3” and “B” buttons on your keyboard, show an animated video. Hitting “3” gets you a third person view of the same video, but is replaced with Jack White himself as the protagonist, and then hitting “B” shows random fans headbanging and dancing throughout the whole video. Watching it three times to view all the scenes and then watching it once and combining all three is just as fun as it sounds. And you know damn well I did exactly that.

Go ahead and have a watch for yourself, as the video is embedded below. White and Third Man Records suggest viewing it in Google Chrome or Safari for the best results.

The “That Black Bat Licorice” 7″ will be released with the B-Side “Blue Light, Red Light (Someone’s There)” and it can be pre-ordered from Third Man Records‘ website.

Corey From
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