Pierce Morgan Makes A Cameo In Latest ‘Entourage’ Movie Trailer

A third (or fourth?) trailer for the highly-anticipated big screen continuation of the once popular HBO series Entourage has appeared online.

There are a lot of movies that spoil their best bits before being released due to having revealed too much to consumers during the marketing process. With the growing number of trailers created for Entourage it would be easy to suspect creator Doug Ellin of falling victim to this incredibly common mistake, but the latest trailer proves that is not the case. Instead of revealing more and more plot, the new trailer for Entourage focuses more on the numerous celebrity cameos that audiences should be on the lookout for, which as of today now includes Pierce Morgan and Thierry Henry. You can view the new footage, or lack thereof, below.

As for the plot, Entourage picks up not long after the final events from the original series. Ari Gold has moved into the position of studio head, and for his first project he wants to help Vincent Chase revitalize his career. What he doesn’t expect however, is that Vince will also insist on directing his latest work. Hijinks and Hollywood drama ensues, along with a slew of notable celebrity appearances from every corner of entertainment.

I know there is a chance this film will be more Sex And The City 2 than Sex And The City, but so far it seems like things are going well. Entourage opens June 5. Comment below and let me know your thoughts on the latest trailer.


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