New Trailer For ‘The Visit’ May Make You Rethink Staying With Your Grandparents

Given some missteps within his directing mystique (looking at you, The Happening), M. Night Shyamalan has thrown his hat into the found footage ring with The Visit. The story revolves around a young brother and sister sent to stay with their grandparents at their Pennsylvania farm, only for sinister things to start occurring. Something is not quite right with grandma and grandpa, especially noted with the Hansel and Gretel-esque nod at the end of the trailer.

The Visit opens in theaters in September. Time will tell if Shyamalan can get back to the fresh stories of The Sixth Sense and Signs. Being a big horror fan, the new trailer is enough to pique my interest, especially if it strays from the tried and true formula of the found footage flops of recent years.

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