Time Is Running Out To Fund The Patrice O’Neal Doc, ‘Better Than You’

The comedy world lost one of its brightest stars with the passing of Patrice O’Neal, but if you act fast you can play an active role in ensuring that his legacy lives on.

Right now, an Indiegogo campaign is ticking away its final hours while trying to fund Better Than You, a feature-length documentary about the one and only Patrice O’Neal. The project is seeking $125,000, and so far they have managed to raise just over $106,000. The $19k difference may not seem like a lot considering how much has been earned, but when attempting to make a film of any kind every single cent counts. Many perks are still available, including becoming a filmmaker for a day or receiving tickets to the film’s NYC premiere. Click here for more information.

There are countless crowdfunding projects that hit my inbox every week seeking a little help with promotion, but 99% of the time we delete those messages and move on. The reason I am taking time to highlight this project is because I wholeheartedly believe Patrice O’Neal to be one of the greatest comedians to ever step foot on this planet. He was an unrivaled talent whose larger than life personality made him seem like everyone’s best friend, even if you had no chance in hell of ever actually meeting him. He may no longer be among the living, but the material captured on his two albums makes me laugh until I cry to this day, and I’ve probably heard each bit at least five or six times.

If you have any spare cash on you, PLEASE make an effort to make this film a reality. Patrice is someone who was gone far too soon, but with your help there can be several more generations of comedy fans who learn to love his work. Don’t let me down.

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