Mosh Your Life Away With A New Song From iwrestledabearonce

With just over a month to go until the release of their fourth studio album, iwrestledabearonce have begun streaming a new song that fans are sure to love.

“Wade In The Water” found its way online early Tuesday afternoon, May 5. The track is the second song off Hail Mary to debut in advance of the album’s June release, following the premiere of “Erase It All” back in the middle of April. This song is incredibly heavy, featuring the impressive guitar work that has become part of the band’s signature sound, as well as undeniably dark tones that separates this material from much of what the band has shared in the past. You can stream the song, in full, at the end of this post.

IWABO vocalist Courtney LaPlante recently appeared on the Inside Music Podcast to discuss Hail Mary at length. It’s the first time Courtney or any other member of the band has been able to talk about the album, and if you’re someone who enjoys that type of discussion it’s one we recommend you make time to hear sooner than later. Click here for more information.

Hail Mary arrives in stores June 16. Click here to pre-order the album.

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