New ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Trailer Invites You To “Come Again”

With just over a month to go until Magic Mike XXL hits theaters, a new preview for the film is asking fans of the original to please “Come again.”

Tongue in cheek sexual innuendo aside, the latest trailer for Magic Mike XXL could only be better if it showed the entire film from beginning to end (but that would no longer make it a trailer). The clip is one of the most self aware previews I have ever seen, teasing the audience by claiming it doesn’t want to show the ‘best parts’ of the film, only to eventually give in with an excellent sizzle reel filled with dancing, laughs, and adventure. You can view the footage below.

I know Channing Tatum is supposed to be viewed as the star of this franchise, but this trailer makes Joe Manganiello out to be the lead as he is the one with all the best scenes. Donald Glover also appears this time around, though his presence in the trailer below is incredibly brief. It’s still unclear what role the man behind Childish Gambino will play in the film, but his personality is certainly a welcomed addition to the mix.

Magic Mike XXL opens nationwide July 1.

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