Sorority Noise Announce New Record ‘Joy, Departed’

Sorority Noise, the Connecticut indie-punk band featuring Old Gray’s Cameron Boucher, have built up a pretty ridiculous amount of stream from their Broken World Media debut, Forgettable. The band’s first record is full of catchy punk songs, similar to Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms, with a poorly-produced charm that sets them apart from their peers. After a year of touring, lineup changes, and a successful split with Somos, Sorority Noise is ready to move on to LP2 with Joy, Departed.

The band will release the highly anticipated new record via Topshelf Records on June 16. I think this could be a record that builds on the band’s previous output and impresses everyone this year. You can check out the artwork, track listing, and an album teaser below.

sorority noise joy departed

1. Blissth
2. Corrigan
3. Fluorescent Black
4. Nolsey
5. Your Soft Blood
6. Art School Wannabe
7. Fuschia
8. Using
9. Mononokay
10. When I See You (Timberwolf)

John Bazley
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