This Is Not A Drill: Acceptance Have Released A New Song

What are you doing right now? Eating an early dinner / late lunch? Checking Twitter before your final exam starts? Browsing Facebook until your boss lets you leave work at 5:00? Take notes, because you’ll remember this moment as the moment you heard the first new Acceptance song in five years.

With very little fanfare, the Seattle pop-rock legends have posted a new track on their offiicial website called “Take You Away.” I won’t waste too much of your time here so you can immediately press play, but it’s incredible that this band released Phantoms ten years ago. Not much has changed at all – Jason Vena’s voice is as powerful as ever, the vocal melody is immediately reminiscent of a song like “Take Cover” from Phantoms, and the instrumental is rich with the synth tones that only a band like Acceptance can deliver. It’s like they never left.

It’ll be weird to see this band at Skate and Surf next week and not know the words to at least one of their songs. Listen to “Take You Away” below via the band’s official Soundcloud.

John Bazley
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