Stream Two Versions of “Wanted To Be Loved,” A Collab By Daniel Ahearn and Rashida Jones

If you haven’t heard of Daniel Ahearn, fix that, quickly. The man makes beautiful music, plain and simple. A lot more of you probably know who Rashida Jones is (Parks And Recreation, The Office). Not only is she beautiful and talented as an actress, she’s got a helluva voice, too. She’s provided backing vocals for Maroon 5, sang in songs for various films, and contributed to a 2Pac tribute album that was released in 2000 (her sister, Kidada, was engaged to Shakur at the time of his death in ’96.)

Most recently, Ahearn and Jones have joined forces on the soundtrack for a newly released documentary entitled Hot Girls Wanted, which is produced by Jones, distributed by Netflix and now available as of May 29. For a film that examines the world of amateur porn, “Wanted To Be Loved” is a beautifully poignant and evocative cut that will certainly add some heart to the film if it fails to be found elsewhere.

Below, you can find two versions of the song (via A.V. Club), the original mix and an acoustic version, along with the trailer for Hot Girls Wanted.

Brian Leak
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