Parkway Drive Is (Still) The Best Heavy Band In Music Today

Anytime Parkway Drive decide to treat the world to new music is cause for celebration as far as we are concerned, and their latest single is no exception.

Released this morning, June 9, “Vice Grip” reintroduces the world to Parkway Drive’s unique take on hard rock with huge riffs and an even larger hook. It’s the most straightforward rock song the band has ever shared, so much that it feels destined for radio play but it’s undeniably born from the same minds and influences that birthed the group’s heaviest material. Think of it as post-modern hard rock with a metal edge. It’s not what you might have expected, but that might actually be a good thing. You can experience “Vice Grip” for yourself, below.

Parkway Drive have also announced plans to release a new album titled Ire on September 25 through Epitaph Records. That date feels like it might as well be a million years away, but hopefully the band will keep us chomping at the bit for more with a steady string of singles and promotional releases. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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