Iwrestledabearonce Give Us Chills (and Thrills) With “Green Eyes”

With less than a week to go before Hail Mary arrives in stores, Iwrestledabearonce have shared a new video for “Green Eyes” that is sure to leave an impression.

Appearing wrapped in a live snake that explores her body as if her flesh is its home, vocalist Courtney LaPlante is the star of IWABO’s “Green Eyes” video. Her influence on the band was present on 2013’s Late For The Party, but the change toward a darker, heavier sound with Hail Mary has given her a chance to shine like never before. Her vocals, both piercing and angelic in equal amounts, accompanies the chaotic instrumentation with a unique sense of harmony only achievable by this band. You can view the clip below.

We may or may not run a proper review of Hail Mary next week, but I’ve come to think of it as the best album Iwrestledabearonce have ever created. It’s a thrilling joyride through the depths of hell with the most unpredictable metal soundtrack as your guide. There is also a sense of fun forever present, as it has been on the band’s past releases, and it’s in their ability to maintain that pure joy amidst an ever-evolving sound that makes IWABO a band unlike any other active today. Don’t let this new release pass you by.

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