PVRIS Covering Tove Lo Is As Exciting As Christmas Morning


BBC Radio One has given the world many wonderful music moments during its long-heralded existence, but I don’t know if any one segment has more frequently provided quality shareable content than the station’s ongoing efforts to capture unique in-studio performances. Everyone, and I mean everyone in pop music today has at least been asked to appear, and every single person who said yes has delivered an unexpected cover that (usually) goes viral on some level.

The latest band to enter the Radio One studio is none other than PVRIS, who are currently riding a wave of critical acclaim and popularity thanks to the success of their 2014 debut album. During their time at the station, the group recorded a stirring cover of Tove Lo‘s current hit, “Talking Body,” which has since been released online. You can stream the performance below.

“Talking Body” could very easily be the song of the summer as is, but given the PVRIS treatment the track transforms into an alt-rock juggernaut that builds from a whisper to something with the power to move you. If you are unfamiliar with the original song, don’t worry, we’ve included the official video for Tove Lo’s version below as well.

PVRIS will be on Warped Tour all summer long. Click here for dates and ticket information.

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