Watch Leon Bridges Perform “Coming Home” Acoustic

2015 is the year of Leon Bridges. In a time where everyone is fighting over social media about whether or not they get the opportunities or co-signs they deserve, Bridges is focused solely on resurrecting a long lost sound that is desperately needed in today’s music climate. We have been following his rise since the fall of 2014, and with the release of Coming Home in June he took yet another step towards being the international sensation we know he will eventually become.

Recently, Bridges made a trip to New York to create a unique acoustic visual for his debut album’s title track. The final product is a essentially a five-minute story capturing the feelings behind the song, as well as a breathtaking performance set in the partially-restored Old Bronx Borough Courthouse. You can view the clip below.

Having literally written over five-thousand words about Bridges and his impending superstardom I am at a loss for what more needs to be said to sell you on his talents. This video more than speaks for itself, as does the majority of his catalog. If you aren’t on the Leon Bridges bandwagon then you’re late to the party. Get your dancing shoes on and catch up with the rest of us.

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