Young Thug May Have Just Released The Best Video Of 2015

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, Young Thug has finally blessed the world with the official video he co-directed for Slime Season single “Best Friend.”

This is only going to be a video of the year contender if you’re someone who is into what Young Thug–or as I prefer to say, Thugga Thugga–has been doing his entire career. If you’re not one of those people already, this could be your chance to convert. This could be your 90 Minutes In Heaven, only it’ll last 3 minutes and 33 seconds. That is more than enough time to fall for Young Thug’s hypnotic flow, and “Best Friend” has equally entrancing visuals to match.

First thing’s first: You need to see the video.

There are a million things to love and discuss in this clip, and there are any equal amount of moments worthy of becoming gifs. You can comment below with your favorite moments, but there are a handful of things here I feel we simply must discuss:

1. Word Art is suddenly back in style

Just when you thought Windows 98 was something only discussed by those over 25 or pre-teens doing a history project, Young Thug has resurrected the font series that won the hearts of every millennial raised on Microsoft Word. Forget about oversized text against a faded image (or solid black, as first made famous by Kanye West with his G.O.O.D. Friday series), WordArt is back!

2. The only lover good enough for Young Thug is himself

There was a time when rap videos were viewed as a potential gateway to bigger opportunities for aspiring dancers and/or models, but that time has passed in Young Thug’s mind. As quickly becomes the theme of this video, the only people good enough to populate Young Thug’s dream world are variations of himself. This time, he’s a pretty girl. In a few moments, he’ll be his own limo driver.

3. Even the most fashionable hat cannot protect you from Young Thug’s flow

No one rocks ridiculous fashion quite like Young Thug, but as he bounces back in forth in a limo being driven by a clone of himself he’s doing everything he can to hold it together as he transitions from raps about high quality pistols to his desire for good tacos. And really, he doesn’t want good tacos. Young Thug is a man of his people, but if you’re not ready for Slime Season you might get caught by surprise.

4.No adventure in the woods is complete unless your entire squad makes time to dance.

There a number of great locations in this video, but none is more interesting than the journey we take through the woods with Young Thug and his friends. Where some of us might expect to see hiking or sight-seeing, Thugga Thugga and his crew are busy dancing to the music and celebrating their success. It doesn’t matter that there are no crowds in sight. They don’t do this for the crowds. The money, sure, but not the crowds.

5. Young Thug isn’t afraid to use whiteface

Nick Cannon was dragged through the tabloid mud when he posted photos of himself wearing whiteface a few years back, but something tells me Young Thug won’t see the same kind of response. Thugga Thugga uses the comical guise to liven up his house party, all while he and his friends dance along to the song. This is one moment I can guarantee you won’t see replicated in any other video this year.

6. Young Thug is giving himself to fans on a silver platter

I’ll be the first to admit that Young Thug can sometimes be too absurd for words, but there is something so incredibly captivating about his music that causes many, including myself, to hang on every word. Maybe it’s his vivid depictions of life, as told through his admittedly absurd perspective, or maybe it’s the fact he seems so impeccably self-aware you know there is not a single criticism you could hurl that would deter him from continuing to make music. “Best Friend” may be the best representation of that idea so far, and it makes for one hell of a video as a result.

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