UTG Premiere: Father Mountain – ‘On Leaving & Being Left Behind’

Today is the day recent Antique Records signees Father Mountain have been looking forward to for the better part of 2015. After months of planning and preparation the Kentucky based indie rock band is finally sharing the deluxe version of their debut EP, On Leaving & Being Left Behind, with the world, and UTG has the official stream.

In a moment of full disclosure, I (UTG Founder James Shotwell) am part of Antique Records. I am the team member who initially discovered Father Mountain, and I have been deeply involved in the label’s promotion of the group up to this point. We don’t premiere much, if any, material from Antique artists on UTG for this reason, but I convinced everyone to make an exception this time around because of how much this album means to me. The last year of my life has been the most difficult to date, and when I discovered Father Mountain I found what would become the fuel for battle against everything dragging me down. I found hope in this band, and I hope the same will happen for you.

Beyond that, Father Mountain are simply great. There is this intangible ‘it’ factor everyone in the music industry talks about when discussing a band they cannot turn away from, and that is exactly what I hear in Father Mountain’s music. It is clear in ever lyric, note, and chord and that they have poured every ounce of themselves into their art. You hear their pain, and you root for them as they struggle to find meaning in the chaos of the world. You also relate, and you feel thankful for now knowing someone else in the world sees things for the way they truly are instead of sugar-coating reality into something easy to digest.

I believe On Leaving & Being Left Behind is the first in what will be many memorable releases for Father Mountain, and I urge you to give the album 40 minutes of your time. If you like what you hear, cassette and digital downloads of the record are available for purchase on the official Antique Records store. Supplies are limited, so you should probably not hesitate to order.

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