REVIEW: For Today – ‘Wake’

Artist: For Today
Album: Wake
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Nuclear Blast

Wake likely won’t convert any For Today non-believers, but long-time fans of the band’s middling metalcore sound should find themselves enjoying a sixth full-length addition to their FT library.

This is by no means the Iowa act’s weakest effort to date, but apart from a mostly poignant centerpiece in “Bitter Roots,” Wake suffers from homogeneous frameworks, as songs with very little individual identity get lost amid 37 minutes of uninventive breakdowns and a predominantly negative lyrical disposition.

The album as a whole, however, is well-produced, not to mention undeniably heavy and charged, with select cuts likely poised to breathe new life into the band’s already spirited live show.

For Today have long had a formula they’re comfortable with; that complacency is further displayed on Wake, for better or for worse.

SCORE: 2/5

Brian Leak
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