Daniel Grinberg’s ‘Short Stories’ are spirited and welcoming

Daniel Grinberg began teaching himself to play multiple instruments at an early age. Being less than proficient in school, he’d turn to music as his go-to—as so many of us do—and in the long run, it’s paid off.

Grinberg’s most recent project, dubbed Short Stories, follows many musical and other field endeavors over the years (including an impressive technological enterprise) and finds the Israel-based songwriter teaming with a handful of like-minded musicians to create a 12-track pop-rock record that offers much more than that simple genre descriptor may represent to some.

Produced by Maor Scwartzberg—who also plays keyboards, guitars, and bass on the album—Short Stories offers smooth, accessible songs with an inviting variety of vocals, relatable themes, and relaxing structures easy to get lost in.

You can listen through Short Stories in its entirety below and keep up with Grinberg—who’s already begun working on his next release—through his website.

Brian Leak
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