UTG PHOTOS: Sun|Drones in New York, NY (03/01/16)

sun drones

New York is an epicenter for indie rock. If you walk right down Ludlow Street in Manhattan, you will be surrounded by a number of bars housing some of the most intimate shows in the city. On this particular night, Pianos NYC was packed to the max. I had gotten in line where some people were turned away, perhaps forgetting to call ahead. Looking at my Twitter feed a couple hours earlier, the bar had mentioned that Sun|Drones‘ first New York show was on the verge of selling out. How about that for your first hometown show? I wasn’t too familiar with the band prior to this evening, but using my musical rolodex, I looked up everything I could.

“Kill Me Baby” is the first song Sun|Drones released to the public and it reminds me of an older indie rock song – one of those raw type of songs with a punk edge, broken guitar strings, and blown speakers. The kind of song that has the veins popping out of your throat as you’re singing the words. All that’s missing is CBGB and a tattered, leather jacket.

Throughout the show, there was a calm in between the high-energy numbers. In fact, the opening songs of the band were rather melodic. There’s a psychedelic element to Sun|Drones that had the packed room all fixated to the front of the house. The band has recently signed to Island Records and I would wager that we’re going to hear a lot more from the collective very soon.

If you’re a fan, or catching on, you may want to check in to your local New York spots early if Sun|Drones are taking the stage.


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