UTG PREMIERE: The Fall Is Shorter Than You Think – “Feel Alone Too”

fall shorter than you think

On April 20, Lowell, MA alt-rock trio The Fall Is Shorter Than You Think will be releasing a brand new EP, titled Feel Something, through Honest Face Records. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering one of its three tracks for your listening pleasure. The smoothly hypnotic “Feel Alone Too” can be streamed below.

Speaking on the song’s themes and how it came together, guitarist/vocalist Phil Cambra offers the following:

“The track ‘Feel Alone Too’ came together in the fist practice we had as a band after living apart over the past summer. It started with a few different guitar parts that I brought to practice and we took them and jammed on them until we came up with the bass and drum parts. Later that week we had a basement show at ‘The Tip’ which is a part of the building we all are currently living at in Lowell, MA. I quickly needed to select some lyrics that I had previously written to complete the song. The lyrics I chose are an account of some of the feelings of frustration and loneliness I had regarding a past relationship. I had expectations that were not met and felt like the best thing to do was just accept how things were, hoping that maybe she would come around in time.”

Feel Something will be available digitally on April 20 through Honest Face. Keep up with The Fall Is Shorter Than You Think on Facebook and Instagram.

Brian Leak
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