REVIEW: Henrietta offer quality indie rock on ‘Paper Wings’

henrietta paper wings

Artist: Henrietta
Album: Paper Wings
Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Animal Style

I was a big fan of Henrietta‘s debut, The Trick Is Not Minding. Playing nothing like a debut, the band create incredibly emotional business, drowned in massive guitars and gritty vocals that are sure to bring up discourse on Pedro The Lion.

On their return, Paper Wings, the band brings a crisper production and tone, covering the listener in cutting riffs and melodies that only illuminate the best about what Henrietta has to offer. Opening with “Paper Wings,” the band soothes with warming chords pulsating over powerfully strained vocals.

Following with “Departures” and “Black & Blue,” the band continues to produce solid indie rock songs sure to soundtrack drives over the summer. They begin to mix it up with “Arrows,” providing a bit more atmosphere and ambience with guitars reverberating between dynamic drums and bass.

“In the Backyard” certainly bleeds through the most Bazan-like influences, and it provides a great indie rock jam, as does most, if not all of the record. “Opposite Ways” continues with the quality seen all over Paper Wings. Closer, “Few Friends,” is a real treat, as acoustic guitars swirl around a reverberated lead, paving way for beautiful vocals to harmonize as layers of sound create the warmest of beds to lay on.

The only gripe I can think to muster with Paper Wings is that it is short—but as a listener, it is incredibly humbling to feel every ounce of emotion and energy put into this small, but powerful release. If Henrietta weren’t already turning heads with The Trick Is Not Minding, Paper Wings is sure to put them on another level.

As the weather warms, feel it become even warmer with this release. Be sure to find your favorite spot as the flowers begin to bloom, and let Paper Wings illuminate it all for you.

SCORE: 9/10

Drew Caruso
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