letlive. share second new single, “Reluctantly Dead”

“You can tell me that they came here to protect you. But I would rather run, because now the law results in my death.”

Someone recently asked, “Where are all the revolution songs?” In an age filled with bipartisanship and political rage, many musicians seem reluctant to touch on the subject aside from a casual nod to their presidential candidate of choice or by defacing those opposed in trendy ways with their merch. Rarely does it come through in the music itself anymore. Ironically, it seems that more non-American bands, such as Enter Shikari, have been taking it upon themselves to comment on American politics through their music.

letlive. are here to show us that they’re not backing down either. They’re not afraid to be criticized for their political views. With their second single, “Reluctantly Dead,” from their upcoming album, If I’m The Devil, the group once again takes on the subject of police brutality, as noted in the lyrics above.

Socio-political lyrics in hand, letlive. have also altered their sound to something much more approachable with this track. Absent are the frantic, throat-splitting shrieks that singer Jason Butler has become known for with previous releases. Here we have a more focused, anthemic protest song with a very hooky chorus and a marching verse rhythm perfect for the picket line.

Here’s to hoping that the band continues this streak of great songs when their new record drops on June 10 (pre-orders are ongoing). The song debuted at Independent (UK) and is streaming below!

*Featured image courtesy of Jonathan Weiner*

Kacy Raby
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