UTG PREMIERE: Table Talk – “Cave”

table talk premiere

Long Island, New York four-piece Table Talk have teamed with UTG to premiere a brand new track, titled “Cave.” Taken from the band’s upcoming self-titled effort, due out on June 3, “Cave” is an indie/emo-tinged rocker that will undoubtedly necessitate repeat listens for fans of Somos, Piebald, and Transit.

Speaking to UTG about the significance of the new track, guitarist/vocalist Sal Salamone offers the following:

“This song is really personal for me because it exemplifies a part of my life last year that I’m happy to look back on in an elevated place today. ‘Cave’ came out of a guitar riff, the main rhythm of the song, that I’ve been trying to write for almost three years now. The song was written as a way for me to put my anxiety to proper use and not let it consume me. The song is really about that crux you reach in your life where all of the sudden you’re burdened with responsibilities you never even saw coming and life hits you a little harder than you expected it to.

For me, that was last Fall semester where everything piled up and I ran right into it. The short of it comes down to how I set myself up for failure without even realizing and how it just scared the hell out of me. I panicked because one of my biggest anxieties is disappointing the people around me and ended up having seven full-blown panic attacks because of that fear. It went from being school-related to band-related to personal relationships between me and my family, and it was all just manifesting into this huge cavern that I felt I was stuck in and couldn’t get out of.

Music helped me get out though and I’m incredibly thankful for that reason. It was a constructive way out so that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to lament on my situation but rather find the courage to convince myself that I could make my way out of it. Without this band, my girlfriend, and my mother, I don’t know where I would be right now or what kind of a place I would be in. I don’t know if I would be pursuing the same life that I am. I’m just thankful for a lot of things and this song is a celebration of that.”

Listen to “Cave” below and make sure to stick around for the final minute payoff—not that the first two minutes won’t have your attention; they will. You can pre-order a copy of Table Talk here. Let us know what you think of the band’s newest song in the replies.

Brian Leak
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