UTG PREMIERE: Face Value – ‘Thick As Thieves’ EP

face value premiere

Maryland pop-punk band Face Value has joined forces with UTG today to offer an exclusive stream of their new six-track EP, Thick As Thieves, which is due out this Friday, June 3. Fans of acts in the vein of Man Overboard and Transit should find comfort in Face Value’s familiarly solid take on the genre, with fun guitar riffs and big, catchy pop-punk hooks.

Speaking to UTG about his band’s newest effort, bassist Grayson Ross offered the following:

“’Thick as Thieves’ is a step in a new direction for our band, meaning we are all becoming monks and abandoning our worldly possessions before we move to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, where we can begin rigorous meditation exercises. Just kidding. We started writing it last fall and didn’t finish until after our acoustic tour in early January, right before we went into the studio. We’ve been playing the songs and listening to them non-stop and we couldn’t be more jubilant about how they turned out. Me and Park [Ross, guitars/vocals] brought a good amount of guitar riffs to the table and after long and hard practice sessions with our drummer, Jeremiah (good ol’ Jebby), it was time for some killer lyrics that are the chocolate icing on our EP lava cake. Alec and Jeb are both metaphorical madmen when it comes to writing good icing, I mean lyrics. Overall, the songs are about self-insecurity, childhood friends, being pissed off at other people, you get the idea. ‘I’ll admit, we were as thick as thieves…’ Times change. People change. Things don’t last. I think that’s, subconsciously, what this EP is about. We hope fans can relate and have an awesome time listening to it.“

You can pre-order a digital or CD copy of Thick As Thieves through Bandcamp. Listen to the EP in full below and let us know what you think.

Brian Leak
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