FEATURE: Stop Making Excuses & Start Listening To Oh Honey

This probably won’t be that hard for you to believe, but despite the fact I more or less make a living talking about music there are still great new bands that I don’t discover until well after they have made a splash on the national stage. I like to think I do a fairly good […]

The Next Band To Change Your Life: Empty Houses

If you have been following along to the Twitter chatter in the alternative music realm this week you have no doubt seen someone mention Empty Houses, the Detroit-based trio of Ali Shea, Adam Mercer, and Dave Mackinder (Fireworks). January is a busy time so it’s completely understandable if you didn’t have time to commit to […]

Ayler Young Offers A Pop-Heavy Take On Funk With “You Can’t Buy Love”

At the beginning of the summer, the editors of UTG held a digital meeting to discuss our plans for the future. At the very top of the list was increasing our focus on in-depth content, and following not far behind was a universal desire to expose more up-and-coming artists to our readers. We like to […]

Discover Our Fold And Fall In Love With “She Goes On”

Our Fold are the latest and greatest buzz band to emerge from the rock underground, and even though you may have not heard their music before today the guys have already received an endorsement from the almighty Dave Grohl. Recently, the band released a new single called “She Goes On,” and after several dance-inducing spins […]

UTG Premiere: Avalanche – “Two Years”

It’s hump day, and like many of you we have spent the majority of the work day wondering why it takes so damn long for the weekend to arrive. We cannot give you the tools to build a time machine, nor can we provide you with the financial support needed to quit your dead end […]

Fall Under The Spell Of Knuckle’s Dirty Rock With “Living Hell”

I made it a point over the past month to pay more attention to the up and coming artists whose press releases flood my inbox on a regular basis. In a perfect world I would listen to every single promo I received, but with 200+ messages coming in each day, allotting that much time to […]

Pop Music Will Save Us All: Mike Naran – “As It Seems”

Spring may be less than three weeks away, but so far New England does not seem to care. The world outside UTG HQ has been below freezing for the better part of a week and the temperatures show no sign of rising anytime soon. Fortunately, great music still has the ability to take us places, […]

UTG Premiere: Kal Duzay – “The Likk” (Music Video)

Florida’s Kal Duzay has quickly become the ‘need-to-know’ young rap hero on the rise over the last few months, and today UTG is excited to do our part in furthering his exposure by premiering the official video for “The Likk.” Taken from Duzay’s recently released mixtape, Diamond Scarz, “The Likk” features Audio Dope production and […]

UTG Has a Pop Music Crush On G.R.L.

Pop music has been dominated with boy bands in recent years, but we at UTG believe it’s past time for another girl group to dominate the charts. If you agree, read on and prepare to dance. Allow us to introduce you to a new girl group known as G.R.L., which consists of 5 members; Lauren […]

Required Listening: Dizzy Wright Releases “World Peace”

Even though the long weekend makes the return to work a bit better, there is no getting around the realization that sense of freedom that poured into Monday has now been exchanged for the promise of another paycheck. Still, there is plenty of good in the world to be happy about, and today we’re going […]

UTG CRUSH: Drop Everything And Fall In Love With Smallpools

Wednesday has shown its soul-crushing face once more, but this week we have a new pop act for you to discover that is going to change the mood of your entire day (if not week). Hailing from Los Angeles, Smallpools is a newly formed quartet that boasts a sound that is both fun and well […]