HOLY SH!T: Death Grips Dropped From Epic Records

Earlier today, I commented that I still thought the Death Grips versus Epic Records battle was a publicity stunt; maybe I was wrong.

Epic Records have dropped Death Grips in light of their on going battle over the release of No Love Deep Web. Epic release this statement: “Epic Records is a music first company that breaks new artists. That is our mission and our mandate. Unfortunately, when marketing and publicity stunts trump the actual music, we must remind ourselves of our core values. To that end, effective immediately, we are working to dissolve our relationship with Death Grips. We wish them well.

This makes Death Grips a free agent, just like Blink-182! (I had to say that.) Death Grips were always an act designed for indie audiences: there’s absolutely nothing marketable for radio or TV about them, really. I mean, that is sort of the entire point. Their website has a dick on it, for crying out loud.

Who will sign them now, or will they be a DIY band from here out? My money is on Sargent House signing them, as they’ve done a good job with the rest of Zack Hill’s noisy releases. Still, to go from major label punk act to unsigned that quickly is crazy, even if Death Grips never played by the rules. No one should doubt the band’s street credibility. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Dan Bogosian
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