STREAM: This Town Needs Guns – “I’ll Take The Minute Snake”

In their own words, math rock band This Town Needs Guns are streaming a new song, “I’ll Take The Minute Snake” as a celebration for everyone surviving the non-apocalypse. The Sargent House band has a new album,, coming out on January 22. I look forward to it.

In regards to line up changes and the Mayan apocalypse (really), the band said “The completion of 13 b’ak’tuns (occurring on 21st December 2012) marks the creation of the world of human beings according to the Maya. It is more the completion of a cycle rather than necessarily being a destructive event such as the end of the world which some people predict. It was this idea of completion and progression that we wanted to incorporate into the album and artwork.

The notion of change has been a large part of our band recently, having lost a singer and then a bass player. We felt as if a cycle had been completed with the old lineup and a new cycle was now starting with Henry (Tremain), our new singer/guitarist/bassist/wunderkid. It also contains the idea of progression as a band. Though Maya texts say nothing about what might happen at the 13th Bak’tun, we do know that the end of each bak’tun was considered a time of great change.

They’re not your average modern rock band, to say the least. To hear their latest song, stick around after the break.

Dan Bogosian
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