The Sound Of Animals…Writing? Or Something Not As Exciting?

Admittedly, the cheesy headline was more of an attempt at a pun than what the news may actually be, but something is definitely happening in camp TSOAF! At the very least, there’s activity on their Facebook and website. Maybe we’re just getting excited as they simply thought it was time to change their cover photo, but only time can tell.

It’s been a long five years since the quasi-mysterious supergroup released their third album, The Ocean And The Sun, and the rotating members have been busy in various other projects and life happenings since with little to no commotion from The Sound Of Animals Fighting. However, with Anthony Green set to release Young Legs, Circa Survive currently not on tour, and RX Bandits completing their 10-year anniversary tour for The Resignation over the summer, maybe something is in the works. We can only hope. The only drawback would possibly be Rich Balling’s full-time teaching but he still has breaks in the school year to work on leisurely activities.

The chances of new TSOAF shows are highly unlikely but based on the old image representing the four key members (Balling, Green, Embree, Tsagakis) being used in the past day would lead us to believe that something revolving around new material may finally be in progress. Crazier things have happened. I just hope The Penguin gets back into the mix. If not new material, maybe re-releases of older material? We sure wouldn’t say no to new vinyl.

Brian Leak
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5 Responses to “The Sound Of Animals…Writing? Or Something Not As Exciting?”

  1. Dan Bogosian says:

    please be a new album.

  2. Brian Lion says:


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  4. adammpkins says:

    Anthony also hinted at new TSOAF music in his Reddit AMA recently.